-Women Empowered-

Women are a vital part of Roadside Chapel and we have lots of opportunities for you to grow closer to the Lord and to each other through caring, supportive relationships. We want to provide opportunities for women to be empowered by God and empowered by each other. 
***Pat Falco’s Wednesday morning Bible Study is open to all women.  The group is currently on HIATUS for the summer.  Call Pat at 802-775-5358 for details.
     MOMS OF INFLUENCE is a new part of our women’s ministry! If you have children that are home for the summer, we encourage you to join us! Since this group is “all about the moms,” we wanted to provide childcare for you; we’ve got you covered! So, while you enjoy some MOI TIME (see what we did there? Moms Of Influence… M.O.I. … moi time… “me time?!” 😁) the kids will enjoy it, too, as they play and do activities in a separate area! 🎉              
     During the summer we will meet every Wednesday from 10:30-12:00. Our first get together will be July 17th at Tianna Greene’s house. Call or text her with any questions 802-417-7586.
Every other month Women Empowered hosts an informal Saturday ladies’ brunch at church.  Lots of great food, fellowship, and encouragement through scripture.  Check the church calendar for the next date.
Twice a year we have our annual conferences: a one day conference in the Spring and a Thursday through Saturday noon retreat in the Fall.  It’s a great time to get away for a couple of days and fellowship with other women from Assembly of God churches in the Northern New England Region.  We always have fantastic speakers and times of praise and worship. We also have opportunities to give back through various conference offerings.  Why don’t you join us for the next Conference and see what you’ve been missing?  PS: All the conferences are “fragrance free” events.
And finally, if the Lord is calling you to serve in our church, we have many opportunities for you.  Check them out on the “Serve” tab in the navigation bar at the top of this page.