The “sex talk”

God outlines very specific sexual boundaries in Leviticus 18 and the punishments for crossing those lines in Leviticus 20.  God’s will is that sexual pleasure would be contained between one man and one women bound in a covenantal marriage for life.  Anything outside of that leads to death.  We are presently living in an over-sexualized society and the brokenness reveals itself in the daily news.  The latest tragedy involves a Doctor Nasser who molested over 250 young girls in the past.  In Proverb 5, Solomon gave his son wise counsel in this crucial area of life.  Stay as far away from the adulteress women and I would add, any questionable pop-ups on your computer, any suggestive pictures, any flirting with an office worker, etc.  His second advise to his son was to fully enjoy sexual intimacy with his wife and remain captivated by her alone.  Perhaps the best of all advise was to remind his son that the Lord’s watchful eyes are always upon him and to make choices in keeping with His will.  The world is looking for love in all the wrong places.  As Christians, let’s lead in this pathway of joy and be prepared to share why the Lord’s ways bring life.