Failure’s Answer

Mark 9:14-31

Matthew, Mark and Luke contain the story of the young boy possessed by a demon.  Can you imagine being a parent of a boy that could not hear or speak, would go into convulsions, clench his teeth, foam at the mouth, go rigid into seizures, be in constant danger of death by being thrown into the fire or into the water to drown?  Imagine trying to shop, attend functions or even trying to get a good night sleep.  The disciples had been asked by the desperate father but failed to set the boy free.  Jesus arrived on the scene, learned what had taken place, shared his disappointment, called the boy to himself, commanded the spirit to leave and never return and gave the child back to his father.  In a private moment the disciples, who had previously been successful, asked “Why couldn’t we cast it out?”  Jesus answered that this type of exorcism required faith maintained in an attitude of prayer.  Those who want the Lord to work powerfully through them must ever be in communion with the Source through prayer.  Do you?  Will you?