Change: Joshua 1;1-18

Mark Twain is quoted as saying “The only person who likes change is a wet baby.”  Someone else said “Change is movement and movement means friction.”  The ‘rub’ in chosen or unexpected change is that it usually involves loss and loss is difficult.  Without change there is not spiritual growth.  The Bible is a long story of change and bears plenty of wisdom on how to handle it.  When the Lord told Joshua to lead the people into the promise land, he gave these instructions.  Focus on the future and not on the past.  God, who never changes, promises to always be with them.  God en-courages us and commands us to be strong.  No matter how difficult the change, be a person of the Word willing to obey all of it.  When possible, be ready for the change that is coming.  Don’t go it alone, help the one next to you as you navigate unchartered waters and they will in turn help you.