With the Christmas season, comes much anticipation.  People expect to be with family, travel out, give and receive gifts, having meals together and a host of other things.  The Jewish nation had long anticipated the arrival of a Messiah because they had received over 300 prophetic messages pointing to his first coming.  Micah 5:8 speaks of the ‘watchtower of the flock’ and had been interpreted by one rabbi as “the place where king Messiah will reveal Himself at the end of days.”  Interestingly, under the tower Migdal Eder which was located between Bethlehem and Jerusalem was the special birthing place of paschal lambs to be sacrificed under the old covenant.  When these lambs were birthed, they would be swaddled in cloths and placed in a manger to constrain them until “they settled down” so that they would not bruise or harm themselves to be “without defect” as the law required.  Amazingly, Jesus was birthed, swaddled and placed in that manger as the Lamb of God without defect.  When the shepherds received the news of Jesus being born, they would have known exactly where to find him as this location was well known them.  The same God that attends to such fine details does nothing less for you and me!  Anticipate God’s love to be expressed towards you today.