Our men always have a great time of fellowship together.  We build each other up.  Encourage one another.  Have a joke to share.  Study the Word.  Pray for each other.  In essence, we walk alongside each other. Now and then we’ll get together for  a couple of hours for a service project.
Wednesday mornings at 7:00 we gather in Fellowship Hall for a hearty breakfast of eggs, roasted potatoes and bacon or ham, along with a side of pancakes, waffles, or French toast.  You can’t beat the price: just a $5.00 donation! 
After breakfast we have a time to study the Bible together and pray for one another.  And we have some mighty prayer times!
The second Monday of each month is Men’s Night Out.  Except, now we’ve invited the ladies to attend, so we have to be on our best behavior.  We gather in Fellowship Hall at 6:00 pm for fellowship and start the buffet at 6:30.  Bruce Turco and his crew always have something special when it’s the men’s time to cook: Chicken Parm, roast beef, spaghetti with his infamous softball sized meatballs, etc.  
The ladies will share now and then in the cooking fun and we men look forward to enjoying their delicious creations. After dinner the ladies join Denise Rainville in another room for their discussion group while the men stay in Fellowship Hall for ours.  Currently, we’re studying a series called “Fish” by Andy Stanley.  Learn how to share the good news in natural yet proven ways.  The cost is a donation of $5.00.
Why not come out Wednesday morning or the 2nd Monday evening of each month and let’s do “life in Christ” together!