Sunday morning, our teachers are at their stations ready to share their love and passion for the Lord with your child, whether Nursery (birth to 3 years old), Little Sprouts (3 to 6), or Infinite Possibilities (6 to 14).
Nursery opens its doors at 9:15 AM while Little Sprouts and Infinite Possibilities are dismissed from regular church after praise and worship for the best hour of their week!
Imagine gifted communicators creatively teaching Bible lessons in a way that intrigues and engages children of all ages.  Kids hang on to every word of stories, then talk about how to apply a Biblical truth to their everyday lives.  Because we all learn differently, the learning experience at Roadside includes drama, video, fun activities, role play, games, and music that children think is cool.
Children’s church is a place to invite their friends.  It’s a place where they feel accepted and welcomed.  And regardless how the rest of the world treats them, they will hear encouraging words — never any comments that devalue or discourage.  They find Biblical community with each other.
It’s a place that will make a profound difference in their lives: where children begin a relationship with the Lord, learn how to become more Christ-like in child-appropriate ways, and find their giftings to serve Him.
All of our teachers and helpers go through a rigorous application and interview process, child safety training,
and background check through Protect My Ministry.